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23 Jun 2013

the stranger

The stranger,
you're the moon,
too far to hold,
a dream of dream,
but human made history,
and yes i'll do the same thing,
to hold u tight,
to feel the moment,
even just for second...

The stranger,
clock running without mercy,
distance staring us with envy eyes,
part of my life breathe slowly,
couple months before it's done,
i wish i'm too powerful,
to stop the time,
to keep u nearby,
to stand where am i now...

The stranger,
i pray to the Creator,
to ask mother nature spreading my soul,
morning's breeze whispering to you,
to tell how deeply i want you,
dusk shine warmly showing to you,
how madly i want to stay,
and beautiful moon smiling to you,
to comfort every riot in your heart...

The stranger, the monkey, yogurt and ukulele,
make me smile non-stop,
your bad words, beach and also the cigarettes, 
made my day blasting,
no matter in future,
i'm gonna keep our memories,
into my tiny box of mind and lock it,
walking to the beach,
throw the key to the ocean,
and nobody can take it,
swear i'm gonna miss every part of you...

The stranger,
i'm scare and shaking,
somehow i recall the truth,
one day or sooner,
i'm walking alone...

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